More Opportunities for Players: GR8 Tech Expands Its Gaming Services Portfolio

GR8 Tech develops innovative gaming products iGaming Launch and iGaming Update, offering a personalized solution instead of a template approach that prevails in the industry.

GR8 Tech has built each solution on its own platform, which includes a wide range of modules: CRM, payment gateway, PAM (asset management platform), seamless wallet, CMS (content management system) and analytics module.

The Cypriot tech company expands its B2B reach by offering casinos and bookmakers two products that can be seamlessly integrated with external platforms as standalone solutions.

The solution includes product customization tools, an extensive API, player migration tools, and a high-load platform to handle heavy workloads.

iGaming Launch solution is designed for existing operators looking to break into new markets as well as investors interested in the sector. It is a complete solution capable of supporting such plans.

This solution includes technology platform and management services, business plan development, training center, grace period, and integration for business operations, providing customized managed operations for the gaming sector.

Evgen Belousov, GR8 Tech CEO, said: «GR8 Tech’s iGaming   Launch and iGaming   Upgrade solutions represent a brand-new approach in the industry, an approach that first and foremost works with individual needs.

«We are committed to empowering operators with the tools they need to succeed, whatever the task may be.»

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