Licensed Operators in Malta: Protection From Foreign Persecution 

According to iGaming Business, a bill is being considered in the Maltese Parliament to protect local gambling licensees from prosecution outside the country. If the law is passed, offshore operators licensed in Malta will be able to freely accept bets in European markets.

The bill, which is being discussed by parliamentarians, is aimed at amending the law in order to free the Maltese courts from the obligation to hold gambling companies liable on the basis of decisions made outside the country.

The draft regulation emphasizes the right to refuse enforcement of foreign claims if they contradict Malta’s gambling laws. Given that the provision of gambling services by licensed operators in the country is completely legal in terms of Maltese law, local judges may ignore requests from colleagues from other European countries.

The bill is based on the state policy of Malta aimed at stimulating the expansion of the gambling market, which is one of the leading sectors of the economy. In addition, the document provides for the support of private entrepreneurship in accordance with the Constitution of Malta.

It already drew criticism from Austrian and German lawyers, who described the initiative of the Maltese deputies as an attempt to evade ongoing lawsuits.

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