Women’s Impact in iGaming: Research, Strategies, and Safer Gambling

The new instance of FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off next month. It is traditionally held one year after the men’s FIFA World Cup, and it seems to attract as much attention. While women have been absent from the focus of the sports and iGaming industries in recent years, at least the need to increase their visibility seems to have become more prevalent.

According to recent researches, failing to include women when creating sports advertising and marketing initiatives might result in significant traffic losses.

In the 1946 movie Gilda we can hear the narration that “Gambling and women don’t mix” since they distract gamblers and dealers. However, the world of iGaming is continuously developing, and many aspects of the sector must be regularly monitored. One of the most crucial things to evaluate at this point is whether your brand voice is appropriate for a female audience. 

Women in iGaming

According to Global Wireless Solutions, more than 4.6 million women joined up for sportsbook applications in 2021, a year-over-year increase of more than 115%. Most studies also confirm that between 30% and 40% of today’s iGaming customers are women. 

According to NatCen data, women who have accounts on gambling websites play more frequently, spend longer, and spend more than men. 

Women’s engagement actually plays a big role, and gender diversity is essential for creating a more inclusive and fair industry. 

The experts believe, the more people (irrespective of their gender, class, caste, or color) you deal with, you come across many different ideas; It helps to broaden the range of stories and perspectives in the gaming world. This is true not only for female players, but also for female industry leaders.

Gender equality ensures that all individuals, regardless of their gender, have equal access to opportunities in the iGaming sector. It allows women to participate fully and contribute their skills and expertise in various roles, including leadership positions, that fosters a fair and competitive environment. 

Increased female representation in iGaming serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring women professionals. When women see successful role models in the industry, they are more likely to consider it as a viable career option.

Another source of inspiration for women can be the introduction of more female characters in games. Historically, female characters in games have been relegated to play miniscule roles, like someone who needs to be saved (i.e. the princess in the castle), etc. In recent years, however, there has been an emergence of stronger characters who break stereotypes and inspire potential players. 

Marketing Strategies for Women’s Engagement

Associativity is important in attracting new customers. One of the key techniques for engaging a female audience, according to research from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation in January 2020, is self-image. According to this strategy, brands and products emphasize the ideals of beauty, luxury, and fashion and position themselves accordingly. 

Another part of the attraction is empowerment, which is the emotional appeal of ideals of confidence, success, victory, and exclusivity. Simultaneously, the social component of the approach is founded on the concept that a brand or product gives a woman the opportunity to be part of a community. 

Furthermore, it is necessary to keep in mind the importance of feminization of the product and invite female celebrities to collaborate, as well as provide the product with the proper features: a new design or style that is appealing to the female audience.

Safer gambling

Overall, attracting female gamers can help organizations not only diversify their offering, but also improve their revenue. However, it is important to remember the main drivers and circumstances that may lead to experiencing problem gambling or heightened risks. 

In April 2023, IFF Research and the University of Bristol, with advice from GamCare, published a comprehensive study that sheds light on the elements that often lead women into harmful gambling behaviors. 

One of the main drivers behind women’s engagement in gambling activities is psychological motivators to seek positive emotions and escape from reality and problems. The research also highlighted social factors, revealing that women often turn to gambling to forge and maintain relationships with friends, acquaintances, family, and colleagues. 

Additionally, the document identifies the financial incentives, as well as industry practices, particularly marketing and advertising, as influential drivers. Once again, this should serve as a reminder to operators to actively promote safer and responsible gambling for their clients.

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