LaLiga Launches Licensing Model for Global Distribution of LaLiga Xtra Mobile App

The Spanish league is expanding the presence of the mobile gaming application in various countries, focusing on content development.

LaLiga has entered into a deal with Digital Virgo Group to make their LaLiga Xtra mobile app available through licensees in 18 countries.

Offering LaLiga content, with live data, quizzes and fantasy games, the LaLiga Xtra mobile app is already available in countries in South America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, including France, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina and Morocco, among others. The new licensing model represents the next evolution of the app, the league says.

«This arrangement will help us promote the value and importance of Spanish football to a global audience in addition to providing our supporters with access to a range of services that will make experiencing LaLiga a more enjoyable and accessible experience,» said Javier Gil, sponsorship project coordinator at LaLiga.

According to Statista data provided by LaLiga, 77% of people use their smartphones while watching TV, and 35% prefer to use apps. The League aims to meet the needs of this audience by expanding the reach and enriching the viewing experience during live matches through local licensees in specific regions.

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