UFC Events Open Up Great Opportunities For Sports Betting Operators

Chris Bellitti, UFC Vice President of Corporate Communications, spoke to Gambling Insider about the growth and popularity of UFC and MMA betting.

Like gambling, mixed martial arts have a long history and have been practiced in various countries around the world for many years.

In 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded, a cage sport in which different fighting styles compete in hybrid bouts.

Over the past 30 years since its launch, the UFC has amassed over 700 million fans around the globe. More than 40 events are held annually, and the list of fighters includes representatives from more than 75 countries. Thus, the UFC does not have pauses between seasons and covers various markets and time zones.

In 2018, Nielsen (US-based information, data and market measurement company) conducted a study that showed that UFC fans are more likely to bet than the average global consumer. Particularly for European UFC fans, when main events often take place at 3am GMT, there is a demand for bettors that is not usually seen at this time.

Bellitti said:«MMA betting has seen meaningful growth in the past five years and with UFC’s status as the world’s premier MMA organisation, we are continuing to see growth in this space.

«UFC events in general – and particularly main card events – take place later in the evening, which is an opportune time for betting operators, when other core sports have typically ended. Additionally, UFC’s roster of fighters from more than 75 countries helps generate a truly engaged global audience who are interested in betting on local stars.»

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