Sport Generate Appoints New CEO From Within Digitain Staff

Earlier this year, Digitain and Simon Westbury announced a major milestone: the Armenia-based betting and gaming tech company announced that its commercial director would become the CEO of Sport Generate.

Reflecting on his first few months on the job in an interview with SBC Media, Westbury described his adjustment to new responsibilities as «a whirlwind» but emphasized that Sport  Generate is on a path to development and growth.

In connection with his new role, Westbury explained that Sport Generate is looking to create four divisions. The first of these will be developing its own live streaming product covering table tennis and eSports. The second division will offer its own virtual sports options. The third division will be responsible for providing the odds filing product. The fourth and final division will deal with «buying data rights and live scale and streaming rights» to provide OTT (over-the-top) and managed trade services.

Taking over Sport Generate as CEO has brought about a lot of changes, Westbury noted, adding: «When you’re Chief Business Officer your focus is on burning in revenue. Now I also have to look at costs and building products. 

A key issue that Westbury and Digitain Group had to address, both as CBO and as the new CEO, was differentiation in terms of both product offerings and customer preferences.

«My focus will not just be on the operators we aim to sell to but the end customer of the operator – I think many B2B companies focus on the operator, but are not looking much at the end customer.»

Westbury emphasizes that Sport Generate has a significant advantage in meeting changing customer needs with a team that many are from a younger generation with an increasing interest in esports content.

One of the highlights for Digitain last year was the partnership with Luis Figo, former striker for Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Inter. Westbury, moving forward with an assessment of Sport Generate’s vision and goals within the broader Digitain group, sees parallels between Figo’s career and the company’s trajectory.

He said: «Figo showed a strong character to go from Barcelona to Real Madrid, and where Digitain has come over the past 20 years is amazing and you have to have that strength. He really matches our strength of character and what you need to succeed.»

The new CEO is expanding his horizons by taking his eyes off Sport Generate and considering the benefits of being part of the larger functional family that is the Digitain Group.

He also said his involvement with the company has allowed Sport Generate to build a strong structure and resources and has provided Westbury with a clean slate to test and strengthen his capabilities as CEO.

«Now it’s the Digitain Group, not just Digitain,» he continued, noting that the four different booths the firm set up at ExCel at ICE London back in February are a testament to its past and future expansion.
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