TotoGaming Expands Into The Romanian Market with a Fresh Look

Armenian sports betting and gambling operator TotoGaming has unveiled its new brand and announced plans to expand in the Romanian market.

TotoGaming impressed the public with the launch of its new logo and brand slogan «TotoGaming Champion’s Decision» at the vibrant GenTo event. This impressive show included sound, light and holographic effects, revealing the 19-year history of the company.

GenTo also featured representatives from the brand who introduced guests to the company’s vision for a safe and exciting gaming experience, as well as its core values ​​of integrity, innovation and advocacy.

TotoGaming has confirmed its development plan, which includes expanding its successful experience in Armenia to other jurisdictions. Particular attention is paid to the competitive betting and gaming market in Romania.

Tereza Tokmajyan, Chief Marketing Officer for TotoGaming, said that the rebrand was part of bigger plans for the company.

«When we try to predict the future in our day-to-day life, it seems to be such a challenging task because you never know what will happen in the next moment or what surprises life will bring the next day. But when it comes to business, every aspect becomes much more organised and predictable.

«And now, looking into the near future, I can say that we’re planning to open new horizons and achieve new goals with TotoGaming, considering the consistency of our brand philosophy and the reliability of our gaming platform to be the key to success.»

Tokmajyan added: «TotoGaming is set to enter the Romanian market in the upcoming month to present its features and techniques to the Romanian audience as a meaningful, trustworthy, and fun entertainer. 

«And that’s just the beginning of how we see our brand to be represented in the new out-of-box format.

«We are sure that geography does not play a role in creating our champion style and the successes it brings. Whether in Armenia, Romania, or other countries, we are ready to build and improve the toolkit that has always made us a true leader.»

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