Ensuring a Safe Gaming Environment: IGSA Launches Responsible Gaming Committee

The International Gaming Standards Association has supported the formation of a Responsible Gaming Committee to develop a worldwide standard, process and approach for predictive responsible gaming.

RGC IGSA aims to provide support through the Responsible Gambling Maturity Model, which is a hierarchical structure that offers operators and regulators “a path from seed to quantification and a predictable RG model.”

This model provides an opportunity for regulators and operators to “move from applying a basic policy to managing an accurate panel of quantitative data-driven KPIs” before eventually using “predictive and proactive detection capabilities”.

IGSA Chairman Earle G.Hall noted the need for a worldwide standard, process and approach for predictive responsible gaming, emphasizing that the time has come to create them.

“Regulators have done a great job developing their own approaches. Now it’s time to combine best practices and move towards quantitative management within this process.”

“Moreover, the time has come to shift the paradigm and move towards a data-driven predictability model in order to remove a significant burden from regulators and operators. We are delighted with the overwhelming response from our members, affiliates and partners to join this movement.

All members of the IGSA Board of Directors, including Alan Feldman, Distinguished Member of the UNLV International Gaming Institute and Honorary Chairman of the International Center for Responsible Gaming, will actively participate in and support the RGC once it is established.

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