New Features And Content — Roblox Aims At Reaching More Mature Audience

Roblox, a social gaming platform, aims to increase its appeal to users aged 17 and over by providing opportunities for them to create new features and content.

One of the unique features of Roblox is its young and active user base, which offers rights holders and brands an audience different from those found on other digital platforms. For now, the company is allowing an experience that is suitable for all ages available to users aged 9 and over, as well as to users aged 13 and over.

However, given the fact that the fastest growing user group on the service is people aged 17 to 24, as well as 38% of daily active users over 17, the company sees the importance of creating content that will be specifically targeted at a more adult audience.

Roblox is a platform that collaborates with partners and developers to create content. Among these partners are FIFA, the National Hockey League (NHL) and Wimbledon, which have created various experiences within Roblox that include games, competitions and digital recreations of real sporting events. As a result of this collaboration, all of these partners are now able to create their own environments targeted at older users.

The significance of Roblox’s original audience is that it attracted other users as well. Meta, in turn, is offering its own virtual reality (VR) environment called Horizon Worlds for teens in the US and Canada, promising age-appropriate protection and safety by default.

These features include privacy settings that give teens control over their subscriptions and followers, as well as restrictions on interactions between teens and unfamiliar adults. In addition, parental control tools have been introduced.

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