Olybet’s Entry Into IBIA Opens Door To ‘Important Regional Knowledge’ For The Industry

OlyBet has officially joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA).

Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG), which includes about 50 companies and over 120 sports betting brands, has joined the association.

Corey Plummer, Chairman and CEO of OEG and OlyBet, stressed that protecting the integrity of sports and combating corruption and criminal activity in sports betting are intertwined.

OlyBet has joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) along with other responsible and regulated betting operators. Together with IBIA, they plan to take further steps to protect the sport and ensure betting reliability.

In addition, OlyBet has partnered with the DP World Tour, covering Europe excluding the UK and Ireland. The betting company’s goal is to provide sports fans with more unique golf experiences through access to the men’s professional golf tour.

The operator has also ceased cooperation with the Euroleague Basketball, but remains the official sports betting partner for the NBA and NHL.

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, welcomes the addition of the OlyBet brand to the association and notes that the operator has extensive knowledge and experience in the sports betting market, especially in the Baltic region, where it is a leading player.

He also expresses his intention to work closely with OlyBet and use their significant regional expertise to ensure that the global network is protected from corrupt match-fixing betting practices.

IBIA recently released its first quarter warning data. The data included 40 cases of suspicious betting across nine sports spanning 22 countries and five continents. All of these cases were identified thanks to the IBIA global monitoring network.

“Olybet’s joining IBIA underlines their commitment to maintaining the integrity of sports and the operator’s desire to use the world’s best integrity protection mechanisms for their sports betting product,” Ali said.

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