B90 Holdings Acquires Funko International Shares: New Entertainment Deal

B90 Holdings, a leading online sportsbook and casino operator, has entered into a share acquisition agreement with Funko International to acquire Emwys AB. Emwys AB is a Swedish online gambling marketing company operating on a pay per click model.

The total equity value of Emwys is estimated at €3.6 million (US$4 million) on a cashless and debt-free basis. The deal will be presented with EUR 500,000 in cash and EUR 250,000 in convertible credit notes, with the remainder paid at closing.

The acquisition is expected to be completed by September 1, 2023.

B90 Executive Chairman Ronny Breivik commented: “The acquisition of Emwys presents substantial opportunities for B90. It is a step change for our business both in terms of scale and operations.

“By acquiring new knowledge and investing in this proven marketing concept, we aim to drive strong revenue growth, whilst continuing to generate profits from our existing marketing operations.This is an important first step in our ‘buy and build’ M&A strategy.”

This acquisition will strengthen the online marketing stake of B90 Holdings, which cooperates with online casinos of large companies, providing them with marketing services.

Oddsen.nu, a random community and affiliate website, is currently a profitable brand of B90 Holdings associated with the unification.

Breivik added: “We will seek to scale our business rapidly by following a strategic and deliberate approach to actively pursue selective acquisitions and other opportunities, such as entering licence agreements with businesses in our sector which seek operational knowhow anddistribution capabilities.”

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