Aviatrix Expands Its Horizons Through a New Partnership with QTech Games

Aviatrix and QTech Games have announced the distribution of their new crash game across Asia. As soon as the game appears on the QTech platform, partner operators will have access to it and offer it to their players under the Aviatrix brand.

Aviatrix CEO Vladislav Artemyev noted: “Aviatrix is among the fastest growing casino games in the world right now, and this partnership with QTech Games will bring the title to brand new audiences, particularly in Asia.

“QTech’s operator partners will now be able to offer their players in emerging markets a truly unique game focused on delivering the best entertainment experience possible in an online casino.

“We’ll be working tirelessly to continue to add new features and functionality to Aviatrix over the coming weeks and months. Watch this space.”

Aviatrix offers an addictive crash-style game where players can bet on a virtual plane and collect an increasing multiplier until the plane crashes. In addition, players have the unique ability to create and customize their own aircraft through NFT mechanics.

Daniel Long, Commercial Director of QTech Games commented: “This timely game is a triumph for the creativity of the Aviatrix development team, capturing the zeitgeist with popular crash mechanics, coupled with in-demand NFT features.

“Needless to say, it makes for another welcome addition to QTech Games’ expanding crash portfolio, with customizable game assets, such as selecting the colour of the aircraft body and its key components.

“We remain dedicated to rolling out high-quality content that drives revenue for our partners, and Aviatrix are one of the pioneers in introducing this fresh format to online and crypto casinos.”

Last month, Galaxsys and QTech Games announced a partnership in a similar deal.

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