The Gaming World is Delighted: PopOK Gaming and Lagio Gaming Announce an Important Partnership

Lagio Gaming, formerly known as Bellagio Services, has signed a partnership agreement with PopOK Gaming, an iGaming content developer.

Lagio Gaming Technology has the ability to support content developers as they specialize in creating unique and exclusive games for their platforms.

Games developed by Lagio Gaming are optimized for mobile devices and are fully customizable for operators, which allows them to run advertising and marketing campaigns for specific player segments. 

At the moment, the PopOK game library includes three main categories: slots, live casino and instant games. These include Poki Wild, Flaming Fruit, Milky Farm, PopOK Games Roulette and Plinko.

Tsovinar Elchyan, Product Manager at PopOK Gaming, said: «This partnership is a new chapter in our journey towards delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

«It will enable us to expand our reach and bring our games to a broader audience.

«Lagio Gaming’s established network and distribution channels will open new doors for us to connect with players worldwide, ensuring that our titles receive the recognition they deserve.»

Thomas Lefebvre, Lagio Gaming CEO, said: «We are thrilled to announce this exciting new partnership between Lagio Gaming and PopOK Gaming!

«Lagio Gaming is delighted to join forces with PopOK Gaming, renowned for its high-quality and captivating games.

«This collaboration brings a wealth of new opportunities for our dedicated community of players.»

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