Gambling in Lithuania: Introduction of New Mandatory Fees

The Lithuanian government has approved changes to state duties and licence fees for entrepreneurial and economic activities.

As a result, new government licence fees are introduced for gambling and services. The key change is an increase in licence fees for the national lottery and small lotteries from €1,395 to €1,620, which could affect the profits of these businesses. 

In addition, entrepreneurs now have to pay €1,504 euros for a permit to open a slot machine parlour, casino or bingo hall, the cost of the permit renewal is €186.

Now, to open a totalizator betting shop will cost €717 for permission and the above indicated amount for renewal.

Changes or additions to the permit to open slot machines, casinos or bingo halls will now cost €369. Remote gambling permit now costs €784.

The fee for gambling regulations approval is €966, approving changes or additions will cost another €615.

According to the new resolution by the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania, which came into force on July 27, 2023, international operators no longer require the permanent presence of a business to obtain licences for remote gambling. However, in order to obtain such a licence, a remote gambling operator will pay €500,000 plus 20% gross tax on revenues.

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