Improbable Offers A Unique Experience Of Watching Game4Ukraine Live In Metaverse

Building on the success of its previous three events that attracted thousands of fans and an active social media following, Victory League is once again joining forces with global media company and content provider Global Fan Network, this time with Legends Soccer Group and Sky Sports to bring a shared experience of watching the Game4Ukraine football match live in metaverse on August 5, 2023.

The viewers will get the opportunity to experience the following:

1. Unique interaction with the audience and community, just like at the stadium: participants from all over the world gather in the metaverse and to communicate in real time with each other, as well as with the hosts and athletes who are giving interviews. To participate in the event, it is enough to follow the web link with just one click from a computer, laptop or mobile phone.

2. Exclusive Commentary: a unique match-watching experience with Robbie Lyle, who will provide commentary throughout the event. A surprise guest will be joining Robbie to add even more highlights and spectacle to this exciting show.

3. Inspiring interviews, exciting games and emotional moments. Robbie Lyle will conduct exclusive interviews, revealing thoughts, emotions and aspirations of fan’s favorite players. Quizzes and exciting games are also on the menu.

4. More than just entertainment: participation will also have a deep meaning, helping to support the restoration of schools in Ukraine. After all, every child deserves a quality education, and fans can contribute to this noble cause.

Oleksandr Zinchenko said: “The match at Stamford Bridge on August 5th is a huge charity event. We have a very important mission ahead of us – to raise enough funds to bring back 415 children to their classrooms at the beloved Mykhailo-Kotsiubynsky Lyceum. We thank Improbable and M2 for being part of this journey with us! Their support will enable us to bring joy to people who can’t watch the game at the stadium but still want to feel the atmosphere. Fans can chat, ask questions, and interact with each other, all while our main goal remains to put a smile on the faces of everyone turning in! I am certain it will be a fantastic experience!

“It is an honour for us to bring our technology and expertise in fan-player interaction to Game4Ukraine”, noted Herman Narula, co-founder and CEO of Improbable. “Collaborating with an exceptionally talented team, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the cause by granting fans around the globe the opportunity to join a show with real interaction and exclusive content.”

Robbie Lyle, founder and CEO of Global Fan Network, and host AFTV commented: “It’s incredible to be supporting Game4Ukraine within the Metaverse and be able to bring the fan experience to viewers across the globe. We’re going to have some big names join us before and after the game so it’s not one to miss.”

This event is co-organized by Improbable and the Global Fan Network on the M2 network and is the third part of the Victory League project. This project aims to bring sports fans together in the metaverse so they can bond as a community and enjoy interacting with their idols.

Date: August 5, Time: 18:00 BST

Location: The Metaverse (on, instructions for access will be provided upon RSVP), on M2 Hosted by: The Victory League and The Global Fan Network.

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