English Premier League Clubs Earn Up To $72M In Sports Betting Sponsorship Money

Researchers from the British information analysis company GlobalData studied how sponsorship contracts with sports betting brands impact the English Premier League clubs’ financial situation.

Sports experts at GlobalData emphasize that the attitude of football clubs in England (and in many other countries) to cooperation with betting companies is ambiguous. However, among all sponsors, it is the betting companies that often offer the most favorable conditions.

It is noted that among the five largest national football leagues in Europe, the English Premier League is currently the most closely associated with the betting market, which underlines its dependence or popularity in this area.

In the French Ligue 1, only 2 out of 18 teams have gambling companies as sponsors on their shirts. In the Spanish La Liga, such contracts have been banned since 2020. The German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A also do not have much support from gambling or betting.

Indeed, England is gradually moving towards introducing a ban on gambling advertising, starting from the 2026/2027 season. In the Premier League, betting is actively replacing alcohol advertising, which has been banned since 2017. Experts suggest that in the future betting can be replaced by financial companies or cryptocurrency exchanges in this area.

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