Bulgarian Ministry of Youth And Sports Changes Senior Management Of The State-Owned National Lottery Operator

The state national lottery operator, the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator (BST), underwent a change in senior management initiated by the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In an increasingly competitive environment, Sports Minister Dimitar Iliev has taken the step of replacing a number of previously appointed officials by the former interim government Minister Vesela Lecheva.

The interim government has ruled the country for more than a year until the elections in April of 2023.

Georgy Tarlekov, who is described in the ministry as an experienced financier, will replace Angela Angelova as the chief executive of BST in accordance with the changes made by the new minister.

In addition to Tarlekov, the ministry appointed Rada Gionova and Petr Peychev to senior positions in BST, but did not specify which positions they would hold.

According to the ministry, the main objective of the new changes is to achieve the goal set for BST — to generate income from the sale of lottery tickets and finance the Bulgarian sports sector.

The Ministry hopes that the change in leadership will improve the operation of the BST, as they believe the opportunities for generating sports income through the Sweepstakes are underutilized and inefficient.

In this regard, the ministry has directed BST to set reasonable wages and improve working conditions, and expects the new management to increase accountability and transparency.

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