Ivan Gojic: Superbet’s Unique Perspective on the Gambling Industry

In an interview, Head of Risk, Strategic Partnerships and InPlay Trading at Superbet, Ivan Gojic, shared his thoughts on the recent technological trends in the betting industry that have recently gained new momentum. Ivan also revealed the details of his recent involvements in projects and did not forget to mention the important role played by his father in his professional path.

Superbet is rapidly expanding and taking bolder steps into new markets. In your opinion, what factors distinguish Superbet from other companies the most?

IG: Superbet has always been a company that thinks differently compared to others in the industry. This all starts with the founder’s unique vision, which the management team has also adopted. We could say that we kept our entrepreneurial mindset as we transformed ourselves into a global challenger.

We’re all about putting customers first, and that’s not just something we say – it’s a real focus for us in everything we do. We’re committed to giving back to the community in whatever ways we can. At Superbet, we want to lead the industry by bringing in the best and brightest talents, and that naturally leads to great results.

The rapid advancement of technology is significantly shaping the gambling industry. How do you think Superbet is addressing this challenge?

IG: In recent years, innovation within this industry has been a bit sluggish. However, that’s changing now, especially due to the developments in the USA. A wave of bright minds from various fields is introducing fresh and unique ideas. Fortunately, within the Superbet Group, we’ve got a wealth of talent who, I believe, are real game changers.

We’re fortunate to have skilled individuals joining us from major tech players like Facebook and Google, all focused on ramping up innovation and cutting-edge technology for the future. Alongside this, we’ve established Happening, a technological powerhouse that will drive us forward over the long haul, enabling us to compete beyond just the gambling sector.

Our strategy can be seen as a three-layered mission. First, we’re enhancing the fundamentals – refining elements like the betting platform, wallet systems, and CRM to be best-in-class. Then, we’re building on top of that with new capabilities like machine learning-powered risk assessment, personalized user journeys, and comprehensive automation.

Lastly, we’re injecting innovation into the equation, introducing new player experiences such as Supersocial that transform the way the game is played.

Your experience at Superbet includes leading a team and spearheading the transformation of the backend system for live trading, which led to significant growth. Could you provide insights into the challenges faced during this transformation and how you have been able to achieve such positive outcomes?

IG: This project posed a real challenge for everyone involved, spanning from the product and tech teams to trading. At that time, our team was smaller, which, actually, made it simpler to concentrate and accomplish things the right way. Additionally, since it was a strategic maneuver, we faced fewer obstacles along the way.

The major hurdle emerged after the initial launch when we aimed to ensure real-time reporting and seamless collaboration with suppliers, all without compromising the customer experience. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t a walk in the park, but Superbet’s overarching vision provided us with the motivation needed to see it through.

As someone who has worked with cross-functional teams and led strategic partnerships, what approaches do you find most effective in fostering collaboration and aligning diverse teams towards common business goals? Could you provide an example of a particularly successful collaboration from your career?

IG: Negotiating can always be slightly unpredictable because everyone tends to feel they could have gained a bit more out of each deal, no matter how well it went. We can say that’s how human nature works. My approach is based on creating an authentic connection – I try to inject a friendly vibe into all our partnerships. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some fantastic colleagues and team up with some great people, which has certainly smoothed the process in certain cases. Plus, since my work is genuinely my passion, it definitely helps; it’s not just another day at the office, unlike many.

Pinpointing one single deal as the ultimate successful collaboration is tough. I honestly think that all the deals we’ve closed in recent years have been really impactful for Superbet. They’ve not only fueled our growth but also added that extra something special for our customers.

As someone who has worked across different aspects of the betting industry, what inspired you to pursue a career that spans from Sales Management to Risk and Strategic roles?

IG: I got into this at a young age, teaming up with my father, who had a big influence on my career. He was always keen on our collaboration. At the same time, since I had a background as a pro-bettor, a friend from a top UK bookmaker reached out and I hopped on board with his crew.

So, I essentially transformed my hobby into my profession. What’s amazing is that the thrill is still the same as day one, which is crucial, even after all these years.

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