Statscore Improves The Quality Of Statistics In Women’s Handball

Statscore has strengthened its position by becoming the official data provider for the top Polish handball league, Superliga Orlen.

Through this agreement, Statscore will be able to significantly increase the level of detail for women’s competitions by deploying two dedicated scouts for each women’s game, similar to what has already been done for the men’s games.

Since the 2017–18 season, Statscore has been the official data provider for the Men’s Super League and since the 2019–20 season for the Women’s Super League.

The company emphasized that extensive statistics are an integral part of every exciting sporting event, noting that fans appreciate being able to analyze and compare numbers related to their teams and favorite players.

The use of two scouts ensures that every important moment and incident during the game is recorded with the utmost care and made available to fans through game centers on the league’s official website, mobile app and TV broadcasts.

This information includes data on the distance from which the goal was scored, the type of action or goal area into which the attacking player kicked.

The new season of the Superliga Orlen began on August 30 for the men’s teams, while the women’s teams are preparing for their return on September 9.

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