Controversy on the Websites of the State Publications of Kazakhstan due to 1XBET Ads

1xBet’s ads were recently found displaying at and, both websites owned by the state media holding Nur Media.

The fact that 1xBet betting company advertised on public resources, owned by the ruling party of Kazakhstan Amanat, is noteworthy in the context of the country’s domestic policy, which in recent years has clearly expressed a negative attitude towards the development of gambling (gambling) on ​​its territory.

Government officials have expressed great concern over the serious harm caused by gambling and have announced new measures to limit gambling advertising, such as limiting where advertising is allowed, in an attempt to curb the spread of gambling.

In April of this year, MPs, including representatives of the Amanat party, signed a request for a ban on betting shops advertising. At the moment, the press service of the ruling party has not provided comments regarding the placement of the banner with 1xBet.

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