Podcast Review: Dynamics of Customer Loyalty and Affiliate-Operator Relationship

With SBC Summit Barcelona a mere few weeks away, iGaming Daily continues to look into the event and what is set to be on show between September 19 and 21 September. 

Across the event will be a set of roundtable discussions, where attendees will be talking about a range of topics from global markets, payments and compliance to the future of iGaming Bingo.

Anna Arakelyan, Public Relations Manager at Casino.Online, will host a roundtable called the “Power of Customer Loyalty in Affiliation” at SBC Summit Barcelona, and at the latest episode of iGaming Daily she talked with James Ross about the evolution of affiliation in the industry, strengthening relationships between operators and affiliates, balancing new players and existing ones and so on. 

Arakelyan has been in the industry for about seven years and I moved between operators and affiliates sides twice. During these years she recalls that the evolution of the affiliation has shifted a lot towards responsible gaming, compliance with regulations, expansions into a new relationship with different verticals of the industry, for example, game suppliers. 

“These changes reflect the industry’s commitment to adapting to evolving trends and demands. You know, when I first joined the industry seven years ago, it was very unlikely to see a casino affiliate working with a software provider.”

However, improving and strengthening relationships between operators and affiliates is crucial. “This relationship enhances the collaboration, boosts marketing effectiveness, and also aids a lot for mutual growth. It can also have a very positive impact on the customer retention and loyalty,” Arakelyan added. 

The two also touched upon new players and existing customers’ topic: “There is not one or the other that’s more important. Both new players and existing customers are equally important because they contribute to the success of both parties, affiliate and operator. The new players are essential as they expand the customer base. Without acquisition, retention lacks its foundation. On the other hand, the existing players who remain engaged over time become a reliable source of sustainable revenue. This is the balance between the acquisition and retention that will ensure long-term success.

“Also, we shouldn’t forget that every existing player has its journey. The day they start playing with the casino they are active, active until that journey comes to an end. So we shouldn’t forget that the existing players are not eternal either.”

Additionally, Arakelyan noted that when it comes to ensuring transparent data sharing and forging successful deals, navigating the affiliate-operator relationship presents the greatest challenge. Affiliates and operators each have their own perspective on what constitutes a fair arrangement. Affiliates typically seek deals that are highly profitable, while operators aim for deals that minimize costs.

“Establishing a level of trust between the affiliates and operators is very important. Both parties need to feel confident that the data shared is accurate and will be used responsibly. And also both parties need to feel confident that the other one is transparent.”

More about the affiliate-operator relationship and how to get new players and keep the existing ones happy you can find out at the “Power of Customer Loyalty in Affiliation” roundtable at the SBC Summit Barcelona this September. 

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