SOFTSWISS: 54 Important Performance Factors in the World of Online Games and Betting

SOFTSWISS experts have created an extensive guide containing 54 KPIs, providing a detailed list of valuable analytical tools and information on current global casino and sports betting trends. 

This guide promotes a deeper understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) in iGaming, including top-line, derivative and operational metrics. This guide delves into the complexities that often go unnoticed in the context of these KPIs and divides its content into four main parts:

  • The Financial Metrics section not only focuses on Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), but also highlights the importance of Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Conversion Rate, and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  • The Player Engagement Metrics section focuses on key engagement metrics such as the number of active players, the number of players making deposits, and the total amount of deposits.
  • The Operational Performance section examines strategies for attracting and retaining players, emphasizing their role in major sporting events.
  • The Analytics Tools and Trends section focuses on the use of real-time dashboards, data warehousing, and the growing importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in this list includes a definition, formula, type, and important explanation related to its impact on the iGaming business. For example, net gaming revenue (NGR) is considered a high-level KPI that provides a clear picture of a casino’s financial health. Close monitoring of NGR allows operators to evaluate the performance of their operations and make informed decisions about expanding their offerings or optimizing current operations.

Max Trafimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS, commented: “By launching this useful glossary, SOFTSWISS is continuing its commitment to help operators develop their businesses in the most efficient way. Listed KPIs are the essential metrics that measure the overall performance of a casino or sportsbook. By classifying them into strategic, tactical, and operational categories, operators can gain a comprehensive view of business beyond just financial metrics, including brand resonance and player experience. By aligning KPIs with unique business goals, our partners can develop a robust and adaptable strategy that sets them apart in the highly-competitive iGaming landscape.”

SOFTSWISS recently released another valuable insight into the iGaming business, the “iGaming in Brazil” market report. This exclusive document provides a comprehensive overview of the current iGaming landscape in Brazil and provides operators with the information they need to launch an online casino or sportsbook in the region.


SOFTSWISS is an international technology company specializing in providing ISO 27001 certified iGaming project management software solutions with a team of experts of over 1,400 employees based in countries including Malta, Poland, Georgia and Belarus. SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licenses and offers a comprehensive iGaming software ecosystem.

The company’s product portfolio includes an online casino platform, a game aggregator with thousands of gaming options, Affilka (affiliate platform), a bookmaker platform and a jackpot aggregator. It is important to note that back in 2013, SOFTSWISS became the first company in the world to introduce an online casino solution optimized for Bitcoin.

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