A New Stage In Gambling Regulation: Ukraine Establishes A Complete Ban On Advertising

On October 2, changes to advertising requirements came into force in Ukraine, providing for a complete ban on gambling advertising. 

Under the new rules, it is prohibited to advertise gambling:

  • in broadcasting from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.;
  • in scientific, popular science, educational, socio-political, reference, literary and artistic publications, publications for children and youth and other publications (except for specific media dedicated to gambling);
  • in all print media (except for specific media outlets dedicated to gambling);
  • on the external and internal surfaces of public transport, including the subway;
  • means of outdoor advertising;
  • on goods (including clothing) intended primarily for persons under 21 years of age;
  • in entertainment venues, theater and concert halls, sporting events, sports competitions and other events where persons under 21 years of age may see the ad.

What should not be used in gambling advertising? According to the new law, it is prohibited to distribute gambling advertising if:

  • persons under 21 years of age are used in gambling advertising, including as models;
  • advertising of gambling creates the impression that it is easy to win, and also that gambling can be a source of income or an alternative to work;
  • a gambling product is placed (product placement);
  • operators, trademarks and other objects of intellectual property rights, under which the activities of organizing and conducting gambling are carried out without having a proper license for organizing and conducting gambling.

For violation of these rules, large fines will be applied, starting from a minimum amount of UAH 2,010,000.

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