SOFTSWISS Joins Pink October: Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

SOFTSWISS supports the global initiative “Pink October”, aimed at increasing awareness of breast cancer. Throughout the month, the company organizes a number of events for its employees around the world. “Pink October”, is a global campaign aimed at spreading awareness of breast cancer, empowering people to be active in their fight against the disease, and creating a supportive environment within the community.

Breast cancer can affect people of all genders, so regular self-exams are critical to ensuring everyone’s health. Participation in such an initiative is in line with SOFTSWISS core values, highlighting their commitment to corporate responsibility and caring for their employees.

SOFTSWISS launched an educational campaign for employees under the slogan “Let’s think about Pink”. The initiative will include a Q&A with a breast care expert and a Pink October Breakfast at the company’s offices to raise awareness of the issue. In addition, throughout October, employees will have the opportunity to receive free preventive examinations using ultrasound. These initiatives reflect SOFTSWISS’s commitment to the health of its employees and its commitment to the fight against breast cancer.

Valentina Bagniya, CMO at SOFTSWISS, noted: “Among the array of initiatives undertaken in recent years, our active involvement in Pink October stands out as one of the most significant and invaluable contributions to our company and its dedicated workforce. We see people, and we believe they are the heart of our success. That is why SOFTSWISS places a high priority on the well-being, happiness, and personal fulfillment of its employees. We believe that only truly inspired professionals, united by common values, can drive the igaming industry forward.”

SOFTSWISS representatives actively participated in the  “Cleaning up the World” in Poznan, Poland, and donated $25,000 in response to the tragic events in Turkey this year. Last year the company donated more than €1.7 million to charitable causes.

SOFTSWISS aims to create positive change and expand its influence not only in the field of gaming, but also in a broader context.

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