Faster, Easier, More Reliable: TrustPay Brings New Standards to Instant Refunds

Payment solutions provider TrustPay has announced its latest Instant Refund solution to streamline payment processing in terms of making refunds. 

The company said the new offering was designed to “make the refund process faster, easier and more efficient” for both businesses and customers.

Instant Refunds solution offers an alternative to processing refunds as regular bank transfers by speeding up the whole process, which could take days if done through a banking institution. 

However, the new feature can only be utilised in cases where the payment method is settled as a SEPA payment, and where the recipient’s bank offers support for instant payments.

As stated by TrustPay, key features of the Instant Refunds include a fast process of returning the payment, simplified management and SEPA compatibility.

Karin Milková, Commercial Director at TrustPay, commented: «We’re excited to bring Instant Refunds to our customers. We understand that waiting for a refund can be frustrating, and we’re committed to enhancing the payment experience. With Instant Refunds, we’re making refunds faster, more convenient, and more customer-centric.

«The benefits of Instant Refunds are crystal clear. Customers and businesses alike can now enjoy a seamless refund experience with just a simple click».

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