Optimove: 30% of Players Are Tired of Frequent Advertising

Optimove has published data showing that the majority of players are tired by the marketing fatigue of gambling operators: about a third of players feel overwhelmed by the frequency of advertising messages.

As part of the Optimove 2023 Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing, 396 online gaming fans aged 21 and older with a household income of at least $75,000 were surveyed in September-October 2023.

According to a study published on G2E, 86% of players do not value excessive or irrelevant emails, text messages and push notifications from gambling sites and unsubscribe as a result.

In particular, 30% of players complain about the frequency of advertising messages from operators, while 64% consider this frequency acceptable.

Optimove describes marketing fatigue as consumers becoming overwhelmed or demotivated by repeated marketing messages.

To avoid marketing fatigue, Optimove research shows that customers are looking for relevant offers and communications: 56% of respondents named relevance of the offer as the most important factor in opening an ad message from an operator.

While marketing fatigue can occur across any industry, the marketing platform has recommended that igaming operators follow proven marketing strategies to make their communication with players significantly better.

These strategies include personalisation, segmenting target audiences, controlling the frequency of messages, prioritising quality over quantity of advertising, making it easier for players to unsubscribe, monitoring player feedback, advertising balance between content and valuable information, and keeping messages always relevant.

Optimove believes their guide will serve as a compass for gaming operators, enabling them to develop a more personalised, player-centric messaging strategy that effectively combats marketing fatigue and improves player experience.

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