Innovations from Slotegrator: A New Progress Bar In A Ready-Made Solution for Online Casinos

The new progress indicator tracks players’ history, displaying their winnings, capabilities and key online casino metrics.

In the world of online casinos and video games, variety and novelty are key to long-term success. They keep players interested, enrich their experience and open up the opportunity to immerse themselves in new experiences. In this context, Slotegrator presents an innovative tool — a progress bar that inspires and motivates players to make new achievements.

Slotegrator Online Casino Solution provides:

  • ease of setup for operators;
  • focus on players’ needs.

The development team pays attention to both aspects, introducing new features in a balanced manner.

The new progress bar records players’ gaming activity in detail, presenting their winnings, capabilities and key metrics in the online casino. This feature-rich player information widget displays a player’s complete achievement path and serves as a powerful tool for self-motivation.

The main advantage of this indicator is that it is always visible. Players no longer need to look for information about their bonuses, tournaments held and other achievements in different sections of the casino. The widget can be placed in the header, sidebar or any other page of the online casino. This allows players to continually track their progress, improve their strategy, and turn small victories into big successes.

The bar in the  ‘My progress’  widget in the lobby allows players to closely track their activity. It analyzes various aspects of player behavior, including:

  • Bonuses (amount and wager)
  • Tournaments (number of points and players’ places in each active tournament they’re participating in)
  • Cashbacks (a portion of players’ deposits that will be paid back)
  • Quests (the progress of the quests in which the player is participating)
  • Levels of loyalty and experience

The progress bar makes it easier for players to monitor their results and achievements, adding value to the casino and increasing player retention over time. This innovative feature in Slotegrator’s Casino Builder module allows players to track their activity without interrupting the game.

Dmytro Taran, COO at Slotegrator, commented: “It demonstrates to players all their wins and tracks everything he has accomplished. Also, it helps to correct their strategy on the way to victory. All data is grouped, so the player can track all the activities quickly and well-timed. The Slotegrator team is convinced that it is a new level of player care.”

You can check out the widget in the demo version of a ready-made solution for online casinos from Slotegrator. To request it, visit the following link:

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