The Evolution of Gamification: “Softswiss True” Presents the Path for Success of NFT Campaigns

Softswiss True partner, together with innovative casino game provider TrueLab Game Studios, successfully implemented NFT gamification mechanics into the Victoria Wild West game using True’s online gambling solution. Now, six months after the launch of the project, the team is ready to sum up the interim results.

The Wild West themed Victoria Wild West slot game is the first product on the market to fully integrate NFT gamification mechanics. This innovative experience brings together fast-growing areas of iGaming and NFTs, with the goal of increasing player engagement and retention.

To integrate an NFT drop into an existing game, True has developed a full-fledged white label NFT trading platform for the game provider. It includes all the necessary functions to create interaction mechanics. Notably, each new player is automatically created with a True Wallet account with one click, allowing users’ NFTs to be stored and managed.

Game performance results:

Originally conceived as a player retention tool, the release of Victoria Wild West NFT had profound implications for user behavior. When comparing the performance of users who activated at least one NFT in the drop with those who did not, the True team found the following impressive results:

  • Number of players. Since launch, the number of players has increased x7, peaking at x10 during the active promotion. It is worth noting that the integration of NFTs into a game is in itself an innovative interaction tool and an attractive advertising mechanism that can create additional excitement for any online casino or game provider
  • Total volume of bets. The introduction of NFT mechanics has led to a 3.5 times increase in the total volume of bets in the game, and this upward trend continues. The NFT collection has brought new life to the game, especially in light of the upcoming anniversary of its availability at casinos this September. The NFT release not only attracted the attention of players, but also attracted interest from operators.
  • Total bets count. The total number of bets has increased 4 times. Interestingly, players who purchased NFTs are more active in the game compared to those who did not participate in the drop. On average, players who own at least one NFT bid 6 times more often per session.
  • Volume of bets per user. Interestingly, although NFT players only make up to 25% of the game’s users, they make up more than 50% of the total bet volume. This segment significantly influences the overall dynamics of the game.
  • Community of players. TrueLab has achieved an outstanding result by creating an active community of players who actively compete for rare NFTs, trade them on the TRUE platform and wait for the release of new albums with rewards.

Now the Victoria Wild West NFT collection has been successfully implemented in 35 casinos and has received enthusiastic support from the project partners. Operators affirm that utilizing NFTs as tools for engagement enhances player retention and involvement, rendering games with such incentives more appealing to players.

A representative from N1 Partners, one of the first casino chains to implement NFT Drop, commented: “We are thrilled to be pioneers in bridging the worlds of NFT and iGaming. The results have surpassed our expectations, and we’re delighted to witness its positive impact on our players’ engagement and overall experience.”

TrueLab teams do not stop there; they continue to develop the project, actively working on new albums, offering players unique opportunities and providing exciting gameplay. The success of NFT drops underscores their commitment to creating an immersive and rewarding gaming space.

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