The world-famous sports media La Gazzetta dello Sport will begin its work in Georgia

At the SBC Summit, which takes place today in Tbilisi, it became known that La Gazzetta dello Sport will soon be available to sports fans in Georgia. This was announced by a representative of the Italian media, Gianluca Varano, during the discussion panel “Sport Development and Strategic Cooperation”. The online media will publish materials in Georgian.

The local presence in Georgia for La Gazzetta dello Sport was the result of long research and collaboration between the Italian publication and the local company SMH Sports. The move is intended to cater to the needs of local audiences, especially those who are passionate about betting and sports news.

Georgia is considered one of the countries with a rich sports culture, and launching a website in native language of the local audience will provide an opportunity for people to enjoy quality sports information in a convenient format.

The new website will not only be a source of news about what is happening in sports, but also a platform for discussion of events, analysis of games and expert opinions. In addition, La Gazzetta dello Sport promises to raise important issues and values ​​related to sport, including honesty, fairness and the spirit of competition.

The launch of the website will be a significant moment for the Georgian sports community and will allow them to keep abreast of all events in the sports world.

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