MGA: AMGO iGaming Malta License Under Threat of Cancellation

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has warned that AMGO iGaming Malta B2C’s online casino and sports betting license will be revoked unless the company corrects three regulatory breaches. AMGO iGaming Malta operates gambling websites such as,,, and

The MGA states that the operator breached conditions 3(1)(a) and (b) of the Gaming License Fee Regulations by failing to pay the annual license fee for the November’22 — November’23 period. The regulator notes that AMGO did not pay 13,915 euros thus breaching Rule 6 by not paying the required compliance fees on time.

The regulator also indicated that AMGO breached Article 38 of the Player Protection Directive, which relates to failure to fulfill obligations to players or to the fact that failure to fulfill obligations is “imminent”.

The MGA has given AMGO 20 days to submit a written response and explain why its license should not be revoked. The regulator also ordered the operator to pay outstanding fees and interest and ensure its operations comply with the Player Protection Rules. If these measures are taken, AMGO will be able to retain its license, otherwise its license will be revoked.

Last week, the MGA revoked Arabmillionaire’s B2C gaming license due to rule violations, despite MGA’s warning issued to Arabmillionaire in advance that it could have its license revoked if violations were not corrected, including failure to comply with orders, failure to comply with regulatory and financial obligations, and breaches of anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing and non-payment of license fees regulations.

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