Fight Against Illegal Betting: Football Association Cracks Down on Players

In October, following an international trend of illegal betting on football matches, the Football Association (FA) tightened its disciplinary policy towards players.

During this month, four disciplinary decisions were issued, which represents a significant increase compared to previous months. There were only three such incidents in September, and they occurred towards the end of the month, while in July and August there were no incidents at all.

Reports in October revealed the first case of misconduct involving a Belper Town FC player named Curtis Burrows. He was banned for three months and fined £200 for gambling. He made 1,005 bets on football matches from March 13, 2015 to June 10, 2023.

Second player Liam Dolman of Tamworth FC allegedly placed 1,666 bets between December 22, 2018 and February 11, 2023, but he is yet to respond to the allegations.

Football player  Lee Tomlin from Harborough Town FC denies allegations that he placed 220 bets between November 21, 2010 and May 24, 2014. An in-person hearing is scheduled for the near future.

Biggleswade FC’s David Northfield pleaded guilty to gambling between 5 January 2018 and 4 August 2023 and was fined £750.

Italy players were also found to have made illegal bets on matches following an investigation.

It should be noted that Sandro Tonali has been suspended globally for at least 10 months, which will keep him out of the 2024 European Championship and Newcastle United’s Premier League season.

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