New Rules for Slot Machines: Changes in the Kyrgyz Republic’s Legislation 

Member of the Supreme Council of the Kyrgyz Republic, Dastan Bekeshev, in his Telegram channel, expressed the opinion that the new law on casinos in Kyrgyz Republic will lead to the formation of a gambling monopoly in private hands.

The deputy recalled that the bill provides for the operation of casinos, sweepstakes and betting shops in one place.

«The idea, at first glance, is smart, but we do everything for certain people. We only have two casinos at the moment. Essentially, all gambling is left to individual groups, which is not very good. And it was not for this that laws were initially adopted [permitting the operation of casinos], but in order to replenish the budget. And now it’s clear what the monopolies want to do in private hands. And if earlier there were alcohol parties, now casino parties will rush into politics, and everyone understands perfectly well who these parties will belong to», — stated Mr. Bekeshev.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce proposed changes to the Law «On Gambling Activities in the Kyrgyz Republic», according to which slot machine halls, sweepstakes and betting shops should be located in the gaming area or in separate premises of the casino. In this case, the casino and the slot machine hall will be considered one gaming area belonging to the same owner.

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