GG.BET Creates Virtual CS:GO Hall Of Fame With Dot Esports

GG.BET has partnered with gaming news company Dot Esports in creating a virtual project featuring 50 of the all-time best CS:GO records.

The esports betting company now enables CS:GO fans to read the stories of players, teams, tournaments and content creators, as well as access videos about them.

A statement from GG.BET read: “Did you know that the longest-ever CS:GO match lasted for an incredible 164 rounds? And do you remember when 2.7 million viewers from around the world tuned in to watch the PGL Major Stockholm final? 

“Some of these records might surprise you, while others will make you relive those unforgettable moments from CS:GO history once again.”

In detail, the deal will see the creation of a virtual CS:GO hall of fame on Dot Esports’ website, showcasing the 50 most impressive world records on the game. 

“Given that we are huge CS:GO fans ourselves, GG.BET decided to work with Dot Esports’ expert team to celebrate the moments which brought the multi-million-strong esports community together by creating a virtual hall of CS:GO fame.”

Meanwhile, esports fans can now learn CS:GO backstories, such as more details on professional esports players, teams, content creators, tournaments and cities, featuring photographs and video highlights showing the exact moments of the world record establishment.

The group also lauded the project as the ‘perfect way to mark the end of the CS:GO era’.

“CS:GO has been a key pillar of Dot Esports for the last decade, and as it wrapped up its 10-year run we were excited to partner with GG.BET to create a celebration of all the amazing achievements that took place in the sport over that time,” Dot Esports’ editorial team quoted. 

“We hope the audience enjoys reliving these moments as much as we enjoyed covering them.”

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