ESI & SMH Sports Forge Partnership to Command Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East

In a move set to make waves in the gaming and esports world, London based Esports Insider and SMH Global, with its HQ in Tbilisi, Georgia, have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at conquering the realms of esports and gaming in  Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East.

Sam Cooke, Co-Founder and MD of Esports Insider said of the news: “Collaborating with SMH Sports is a game-changer and we’re excited by the opportunity. Having known and worked closely with Lasha and his team in the past, I’ve no doubt in my mind they’ll be an excellent partner and moreover share our ambitions and company ethos.

As Esports Insider, we’re thrilled to join forces and harness our collective energy to further develop the esports and esports-adjacent landscapes in these vibrant and opportunity rich regions.”

Lasha Machavariani, Founder and CEO of SMH Global, expressed his enthusiasm for this venture, stating, “This partnership signifies the fusion of innovation and ambition. We’ve had a fantastic journey working on diverse projects with Esports Insider and with its parent company Sport Global in the past and present very successfully, and now, it’s time to elevate our synergy to unprecedented heights.”

This strategic collaboration is not just a merger of two entities but a strategic fusion of expertise, as Esports Insider, media company and largest and most prolific industry events operator in the industry, and distinguished brand under Sports Global, aligns forces with SMH Sports, an influential brand within SMH Global.

The focus of this strategic alliance extends to pivotal regions such as Saudi Arabaia, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. By leveraging SMH Global‘s expansive network and Esports Insider’s innovative prowess, including its media and events network and capacities, the collaboration aims to set new benchmarks, making esports even more of an integral part of the cultural fabric in these dynamic territories.

Lasha Machavariani emphasized: “We’re not just making a mark here; we’re creating a legacy. Our goal is to further stimulate the esports landscape in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East, and together become a central player within it, and with this collaboration, we’re geared up to turn that vision into reality.”

Cooke added: “We already have some exciting projects in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to get going. SMH’s experience is impressive, having formed a strong, exclusive partnership with the likes of Setanta Sports, so our both our hopes and confidence are high, but as always we‘ll look to be marked on the work and projects we deliver, rather than the statements and promises we make.”

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