PIN-UP Global Expands Its Gaming Ecosystem with PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS

PIN-UP Global, the global gaming platform, has unveiled a new line of their business – PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS, which aims to expand the scope of their investments in the gaming sector.

The company announced the creation of a new venture “with the goal of driving the development of technologies and products in the field of gambling and related sectors by providing financial resources, expert support, valuable industry contacts, opportunities to enter new markets and integration into the ecosystem”.

PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS manages its assets between projects and products related to gambling, increasing traffic, software development, customer service, payment systems, advertising platforms and products based on artificial intelligence.

The company also promises to provide financial support, training and advice through experts in its ecosystem, opportunities to test PIN-UP’s products and business models, accelerated product growth and entry into new markets. In addition, access to a wide network of professional contacts in the industry, support for strategic planning and potential integration into the ecosystem will be provided.

Marina Ilina, CEO of PIN-UP Global, noted: “PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS is a logical step for our ecosystem, which always supports the passion and drive to succeed. Our new direction is aimed to help projects and teams both to develop independently and to successfully integrate into PIN-UP Global. We believe in daring solutions and new technologies that can be effective”.

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