Elevating Gaming Experience: BetGames’ Yuri Mikhailov On The Impact Of Skyward In The SBC CIS Interview

BetGames Vice President in the CIS region, Yuri Mikhailov, in a recent interview with SBC CIS, spoke about their new game — Skyward — and the impact BetGames is expecting this new title to have on the gaming experience for everyone who prefers new ways of entertainment in an industry that’s growing ever more saturated.

BetGames recently added Skyward to its portfolio. For those who might not be familiar with the title yet, what can players expect from the new game? 

Skyward is our debut in the crash game market, which doesn’t need much introduction as a genre, but we’ve used the experience we’ve gained over several years of unique game development to elevate our launch title to ensure it stands out in a crowded marketplace. 

As with all our recent RNG titles, Skyward has its own BetGames flavour which we believe offers players something a little different compared to the offerings of our industry peers. It is the fastest in terms of session duration and also benefits from a host of UI excellence including dynamic and auto-betting, auto-play, and cash-out functionalities. 

We’re also able to tailor the game to match any operator’s bespoke requirements — more than just putting a brand name on the side of the aircraft! – creating a familiar environment for players to enjoy the action in any market.

We carefully planned our target markets pre-launch and had done the groundwork to prepare for each region we launched Skyward into, so we’re confident we’ve included a range of gameplay and engagement options and mechanics that will appeal to as wide a section of demographics as possible. 

Just as important as player engagement is the ability for Skyward to be able to work optimally wherever it is deployed. We expect the demand from emerging markets and developing territories to be high, so we’ve done our utmost to ensure that the game has bulletproof stability and is light on resource requirements.

Can you give us an overview of how Skyward has performed across the region since its launch? 

Early results have been extremely encouraging, with bet levels remaining high beyond the point at which many games can experience a natural dip, so the indications are that it is going to have that all-important longevity.   

Skyward has already climbed into the top rankings of most played games with many operators. We’re particularly happy the title has engaged audiences and earned its place among their favourite titles to enjoy. 

It has been a fantastic launch, and we have high hopes that it maintains this performance. Time will tell, but we’re confident.

Does the popularity of crash games in the CIS region match that of other global territories? 

I think so. We’ve put a lot of hard work into developing Skyward, not only into the mechanics of the game and how it operates but into player trends and individual markets — many of which we’ve been active in for over 10 years, so we like to think we’ve got the inside track into what players are looking for. 

We also used our experience from launching previous, similar, fast-paced, instant games. That together with our research has shown us that crash format is popular in the region, just as it is in the majority of markets – the numbers we’re getting so far certainly back up our assertion!   

Skyward stands out due to its bespoke animations and dynamic automatic betting, play and cash-out functions – how does this match player preferences across the region? 

All the functions we included in the game during development are those that resonate well with players across several game types, crash included. But what we have at launch isn’t everything – we’ve got a few more features that we’re going to introduce to maintain the momentum Skyward currently enjoys.

I can’t say too much right now, but our marketing department is preparing to announce further details that will offer players even greater opportunities to gain yet more engagement and entertainment from our game.

How does Skyward fit into BetGames product offering for CIS operators and how does that address what bettors and providers expect from their entertainment?

It’s yet another product from BetGames that diversifies what we offer and strengthens our proposition. From our classic live games to our new range of RNG, instant products, our product suite is evolving just as the market is and we aim to be able to meet demand with unique products.

We’re in a strong position to be able to offer operators just what they’re looking for with a wide selection of game types to our strength in preparing and delivering bespoke, branded projects – something that Skyward too lends itself perfectly to.

We’ve become adept at churning our new, innovative game types, from our takes on live dealer experiences to last year’s Twain Sport and now Skyward has heralded a new chapter in the development of the company. 

While I can’t discuss any specifics about next year’s releases, one thing I can say is that there will be many new products carefully designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Those products are part of a series of big announcements we’re preparing in the run up to ICE London 2024 – more exciting games and experiences for our growing partner and player base so keep an eye out for more soon!

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