Online Gambling in Azerbaijan: A Call for Responsibility and Control Measures

Online casino ads with attractive headlines are increasingly appearing on social networks lately, attracting the attention of users.

Many people are concerned about the possibility of being scammed by such advertisements, and this is a serious concern.

According to Article 244-1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, organizing and conducting gambling can bring a person to criminal liability. “Gambling” means games (including betting) involving money or material gain and the outcome of which is subject to uncertainty or chance.

The statement of lawyer Alimamed Nuriev, as reported by Oxu.Az, emphasizes the inadmissibility of cases of virtual fraud.

“Gambling is prohibited in the country. The implementation of these games through a virtual network is unacceptable. These persons will be held accountable,” he emphasized.

“It’s a pity that such games began to be sold online. They use attractive names solely to lure the public. Our citizens are becoming victims of deception”.

Servers for virtual scam games are usually located in other countries. Citizens of Azerbaijan should be careful. People assume that they will get rich from these games. But this is unrealistic. No one can become rich overnight, and scammers play with people’s feelings,” the lawyer noted.

Alimamed Nuriev added that persons who committed fraud may be sentenced to long-term imprisonment as punishment.

“Criminal proceedings are being initiated against persons who committed virtual fraud. They will also face a large fine. Those involved in virtual gambling should also be held accountable as this act is against the law,” he said.

The lawyer considers it important to increase the frequency of calls to society to be vigilant and timely contact the relevant authorities, as well as to strengthen efforts to raise awareness among citizens.

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