Lithuanian Certification: PopOK Gaming Is Ready to Impress Players

PopOK Gaming, known for its high-quality production of slot games, announced the certification of 18 of its games in Lithuania.

The functionality and compliance with the requirements of iGaming Lithuania of the 4-level progressive jackpot presented by PopOK Gaming has also been confirmed.

Receiving this certificate was a significant achievement for PopOK Gaming, allowing it to expand the availability of its games in Lithuania and strengthen its position in the regulated market. This progress is a key step in providing players with a high-quality gaming experience in a safe environment, which significantly contributes to the business projects of the company’s partners.

Tsovinar Elchyan, Product Manager, commented: “It is extremely encouraging to gain game certification also for Lithuania. It paves the way for local players to savor a diverse array of our games, including beloved titles such as Yummy, Diamond Flash, Lost Treasure, 20 Hot Bar, Los Apaches, Lucky Jungle, and many more! Quality is of utmost importance at PopOK Gamings, and meeting local regulations helps us to achieve the quality we are so proud of”.

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