Criminal Prosecution: Finnish Police Increase Crackdown on Illegal Gambling and Money Laundering

In Finland, the Central Criminal Police have launched an extensive investigation into money laundering related to possible illegal gambling activities.

Preliminary assessments starting in 2022 indicate that during the period from 2016 to 2022, several million euros were laundered through illegal transactions involving at least three people.

All three suspects are charged with “aggravated money laundering.” One of them admitted that he received and transferred funds received from illegal gambling activities, while the other two were involved in money transactions and purchased bets for players and brokers, respectively.

Janne Takkune, the Commissioner of the Criminal District overseeing the investigation, made a statement: “This is a quite exceptional criminal investigation in Finland. The topic has been less prominent in the public eye, but this kind of suspected illegal gambling has been a phenomenon in Finland for a long time. In this case, the suspect had kept in touch with his clientele on Facebook, among other things, where he had also published related messages and information about prized game round».

Preliminary investigations revealed that two foreign individuals were illegally trading and distributing lottery tickets in violation of the country’s Lotteries Laws. The proceeds from these transactions were later laundered by a third party.

The latest information from authorities released this month indicates the case has been under prosecution since October.

Finland is in the process of reforming legislation on online sports betting, which will lead to the elimination of the monopoly in this area within a few years.

However, Veikkaus will continue to control land-based gambling and lotteries in the country, which has become a hub for alleged gambling and money laundering crimes.

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