Riot Games Increases Its Stake in GRID for Further Development

Riot Games and gaming data platform GRID have deepened their long-term collaboration in esports analytics.

As part of this expanded agreement, GRID will now become the official esports data provider for both VALORANT Champions Tour and League of Legends tournaments worldwide.

Riot Games has also become a shareholder in GRID as a result of this partnership, highlighting its long-term strategic investment and the company’s keen focus on ensuring the reliability and integrity of competitive esports data.

Doug Watson, Head of Business Strategy, Global Esports at Riot Games, commented: “At Riot, we believe in putting player experience first and have found a great partner in GRID that will help us unlock the vast potential of data to the long-term benefit of our esports pro teams and the broader Riot Esports community. The team behind the GRID Data Platform is as passionate about data as they are about esports, and we share the same values. Through our partnership, we can grow the presence of official esports data in Riot’s ecosystem and the industry, enabling growth, innovation, and more entertainment value for the fans”.

GRID, which previously worked exclusively with the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) as part of the VALORANT Data Portal (VDP), will now become the sole provider of official real-time esports data for two of Riot Games’ key products.

This partnership extends into the area of ​​data infrastructure, where GRID will be the sole supplier for VCT and League of Legends esports events.

Previously, esports data analytics company Bayes Esports had an exclusive data distribution partnership with League of Legends. This collaboration began in 2019 and represented significant value for both companies in the field of esports data analytics.

From the start of the 2024-25 season, the GRID platform will provide official real-time data on both esports ecosystems.

Moritz Maurer, CEO and Founder of GRID, noted: “Riot Games was the first game publisher to truly invest in esports, understanding its role beyond a marketing exercise for the games, and created an impressive, unique competitive ecosystem. GRID was founded on the conviction that data holds immense potential for such ecosystems. We have made it our mission to unlock this potential for all stakeholders. This partnership aims to power a new chapter of League of Legends and Valorant esports with data, representing a remarkable milestone for all of us at GRID. I speak for the team in expressing our gratitude and excitement about the prospect of contributing to the future of sport at Riot Games with GRID’s technology”.

GRID has demonstrated success in establishing partnerships, bringing Riot Games and Ubisoft into its network to develop the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem. In addition, the company has also partnered with Pinnacle, Abios (an esports solutions provider) and US Integrity (an integrity services provider), expanding its partnerships.

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