Heropicks Games: A New Daily Fantasy Sports Startup Looking to Disrupt the Market

Fantasy sports is a novel approach to sports and games. Players assemble virtual teams of athletes and manage them like real managers or coaches do. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games.

Fantasy sports is increasing its foothold in the iGaming industry as well. Based on various industry reports, within the next few years, it will see rapid growth in its player base, which will be driven by the now under-25 demographic. 

Recently, it was announced that B2B fantasy sports provider Heropicks Games and Crocobet, one of the largest betting operators on the Georgian market, struck a partnership where Crocobet customers will be able to enjoy fantasy sports with traditional and new, innovative game modes.

Heropicks Games co-founders Imeda Imedashvili and Giorgi Jabadari met with SBC CIS to discuss their product, partnership with the betting company, and intentions to join the global market.

First of all, could you tell us, what is Heropicks Games? How did you come up with this startup idea?

Imeda Imedashvili (II): Heropicks Games is a passion project turned into a startup by avid fantasy players and lovers. It is a daily fantasy sports games provider and among co-founders, we have 30+ years of experience playing various fantasy sports. 

One day, we decided to give it a try and create a fantasy game with our vision and understanding of what fantasy players were missing.

Heropicks Games has announced a partnership with Crocobet, so fantasy football is now available on Crocobet. Can you tell us about this agreement? What specific services or solutions do you intend to provide?

Giorgi Jabadari (GJ): Our goal since the very beginning has been to be a global company, but to do so, it was necessary to gain traction with the concept locally.  

Our product sparked a lot of interest in the Georgian market, and that is an indication for us that we’re on the right track. Crocobet was the company that believed in our revolutionary product from the start and indicated its willingness to launch it on its website.

Can you tell me more about your product’s contribution to the iGaming industry?

II: Apart from the apparent increased gamification and diversification of any operator’s portfolio, our game can be a perfect tool for acquisition or retention, as well as build the year-long content marketing around it. 

Based on the various researches available online, fantasy games eclipse the engagement rates of some social media apps, and in today’s attention economy, not many applications or games can say that.   

What is the difference between fantasy sports and sports betting? Do these two products compete with each other? What aspects should be considered?

GJ: We believe that sports betting and fantasy football are not competitors; on the contrary, these two products complement each other.

Gamification is also an important element in fantasy, where the player actively participates in team formation. Here, he/she makes all decisions on his/her own and forms a team based on his/her opinions and knowledge of the sport. As a result, user engagement increases on any website where our product is available.

What other businesses do you intend to collaborate with? What markets are you aiming for? Who are your primary collaborators?

II: As previously stated, our goal is to make a name and have a footprint internationally as soon as possible. Currently, we are Crocobet’s exclusive partner in the Georgian market. Shortly, we will also announce several new international partnerships.

How does Heropicks Games intend to grow? What are your plans: adding new sports, leagues, and so on?

GJ: It was critical for us to get our game out to players as soon as possible. As a result, we knew that the initial version would not be the final one and that we would gradually provide players with many interesting innovations. This will enhance the gamification experience by making the actual game more interesting. Furthermore, new leagues and sports will be added, making our product truly global.

As the end of the year approaches, how do you assess the previous year and what are your main goals for 2024?

II: The year 2023 marked a watershed moment for our company. Our journey has been filled with various challenges and interesting experiences that gave us confidence and allowed us to develop the product to the point where we could safely share it with a larger audience.

The primary goal for 2024 is an expansion in the number of partners and markets while keeping product development to the highest standards that we have set for ourselves. 

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