Maxim Slobodyanyuk, Atlas-IAC: Looking Back at a Year of Transformation

A mere eight months ago, Maxim Slobodyanyuk took the helm as the CEO of Atlas-IAC, a cutting-edge igaming platform provider.

In an insightful conversation, SBC News delved into his journey in this new leadership role, exploring the challenges encountered alongside his dedicated team, while offering a sneak peek into the strategic initiatives that Atlas-IAC has in store for the upcoming year.

Since becoming the CEO at Atlas-IAC, what changes have you introduced to improve its overall performance?

Since stepping into the role of CEO at Atlas-IAC in May, I led the company through a challenging period of transformation. I initiated crucial reforms to enhance our operations and people management. We’ve expanded our global talent pool, reaching out to the top industry professionals and offering them to join our growing team so it becomes more adaptable on the global stage. 

Despite the complexities brought about by the reshuffling of the management team and subsequent realigning of the operational processes, we have weathered the storm and are confidently moving forward, ready to tackle any challenges the global market may present.

Can you delve into the strategy employed to foster growth at Atlas-IAC this year, the goals set, and the achievements thus far?

This year, our growth strategy at Atlas-IAC centered on building proximity to partners and clients, increasing awareness, and establishing a standout presence in the competitive global entertainment technology market. 

We stayed true to our core principle of evolving together with our partners, sharing our experience and insight to support businesses that selected us as their primary technology partner. This resulted in the boost of confidence among our clients with a positive influence on our KPIs and the bottom line. 

We welcomed a Chief Sales Officer to our team, bolstering our client-facing capabilities, and expanded our marketing department with experts on branding and PR to ensure sustainable development of the Atlas-IAC brand on the global stage. 

The results came rather quickly — our company got its recognition by being shortlisted for both SiGMA Awards and Global Gaming Awards, showcasing our achievements in the industry. 

Our active participation in key industry events, including the SBC Summit in Barcelona, the Brazilian iGaming Summit, and the SiGMA Show, further solidified our presence in key markets and marked significant strides in our growth journey.

How have these changes influenced Atlas-IAC’s product offering?

Our strategic approach involved carefully selecting top talent from the burgeoning igaming IT ecosystem to assemble an expert team capable of delivering high-quality products for the igaming and sports betting sectors.

I am thrilled to see the team that is actively sharing ideas and testing out new concepts, aimed at refining and improving our product suite. Everyone is actively involved in the process of product development, and for me, this is fundamental for delivering a truly next-gen platform for the high paced igaming industry.

I should also mention our solid focus on automation that positions us to thrive in emerging markets by offering our clients a quick start and manageable operations as they embark on their entertainment business journey.

Reflecting on the last eight months, what key aspects contributed to Atlas-IAC’s significant growth under your leadership?

Over the past eight months, our approach of proactive client and partner engagement has borne fruit. We proudly announced important partnerships with renowned gaming providers whose content is in high demand in our target markets. 

By meeting clients halfway and gathering valuable feedback, we’ve refined our solutions to align seamlessly with their requirements. This client-centric approach has not only improved our product but also positioned Atlas-IAC as a provider of choice for those transitioning platforms or launching new operations.

Can you provide a glimpse of what’s in store for Atlas-IAC in the upcoming year?

Atlas-IAC is gearing up to announce substantial changes, refine our approach to partners and clients, and underscore our commitment to growing alongside their businesses. 

We are eagerly preparing for prominent industry shows in London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Cape Town, where we will unveil new features and showcase significant upgrades to our brand.

We look forward with excitement to a prosperous year ahead, anticipating an accelerated growth, new victories, and exciting developments for Atlas-IAC and our valued partners!

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