Pressure on French Bookmakers: Regulation of Marketing Before Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games in Paris 2024

French bookmakers have been warned to regulate their marketing activities for the upcoming sporting year, according to the national gambling regulator Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ).

ANJ regularly publishes updates on the marketing of French betting operators at the beginning of each year, providing an analysis of advertising plans for the coming period. In its 2024 assessment, ANJ noted that many of these operators plan to “continue the strategy implemented in 2023”.

This approach aims to retain players during intense seasonal sporting activity, especially during the Euro and the Olympic Games. The latter event became the main aspect for ANJ to focus on.

Paris will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, while UEFA Euro 2024 will take place in Germany. These tournaments will be held at close intervals: the Olympic and Paralympic Games are scheduled for July and August, and Euro 2024 in June.

Like other major international sporting events, these tournaments are likely to attract more spectators and increase betting interest, similar to what happened during the 2022 men’s and 2023 women’s World Cups.

Apart from WINAMAX, whose advertising strategy was partially rejected for reasons unrelated to sports, ANJ approved the marketing plans of all other bookmakers for 2024.

In connection with Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympic Games, ANJ has warned companies to significantly limit their advertising activity to avoid undue pressure on all available media.

ANJ, similar to other European gambling regulators, has recently paid more attention to operator marketing. Last summer the regulator tightened advertising standards for operators, focusing on protecting minors, supporting sporting integrity and “preventing pathological gambling”.

Such warnings from the regulator about restraint during upcoming tournaments are reminiscent of statements made at previous tournaments, in particular before Euro 2020, when the regulator warned of possible restrictions on marketing communications, stating that it would “draw a yellow card to marketing communications”.

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