EvenBet Gaming Develops the Gaming Industry: A New E-Book about iGaming Trends and Issues

EvenBet Gaming, a leading online gaming software developer, has unveiled its new e-book providing a unique perspective on current iGaming trends and issues.

The book highlights a problem that industry leaders face — the need to attract highly qualified employees, which limits their potential for development.

EvenBet Gaming conducted research, including over 170 in-depth interviews with senior industry executives and business development executives across multiple verticals and markets. CEOs and founders highlight regulation and increased competition as the most pressing challenges, followed by recruiting challenges, highlighting the ongoing challenge of attracting and hiring new talent.

To address these challenges, companies are adopting new methods, including using HR marketing to communicate company culture, career opportunities and unique benefits. Such strategies are actively used when opening new offices and hiring local employees in new markets

The e-book “Core iGaming Trends and Issues in 2023” describes:

  • The Importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM) as a Critical Tool for Building Brand Awareness
  • Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into iGaming operations that improves efficiency, personalization and overall user experience.
  • A huge rise in “crash games”, reflecting a global shift in offering faster experiences for shorter attention spans.
  • There is a constant demand for technological advancements including new features, mechanics, improved UX and solutions to problems such as poor internet connections.
  • The company faces a significant regulatory challenge, with changes in existing territories and uncertainty in emerging markets contributing to the overall uncertainty

EvenBet Gaming has created an e-book with the goal of providing valuable information about the global iGaming industry. The company is focused on providing operators and other stakeholders with in-depth analysis that will provide actionable insights to support future decisions and investments.

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, commented: “Conducting in-depth interviews with industry specialists was a strategic decision for EvenBet Gaming,” the Chief Executive Officer for EvenBet Gaming, Dmitry Starostenkov, said. “Recognising the lack of such research in the iGaming sphere, we aimed to get into unexplored territories, seeking raw, authentic insights. Our mission was clear; to collect unfiltered data that mirrors the market’s pulse. Through nearly a few hundred interviews, we achieved a level of depth rarely reached before. Core iGaming Trends and Challenges in 2023 underscores our commitment to the comprehensive understanding of the industry”.

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