French Regulator Removes 179 Sporting Events from Permitted Betting List

The French Gambling Authority (ANJ) has announced plans to review the list of sporting events and bet types available from licensed French bookmakers. There are currently 951 events on this list, but as of March 1, 2024, its volume will be reduced by 179 points.

Some events are subject to exclusion due to the increased risk of match-fixing. ANJ cites examples, such as the Tunisian soccer championship and American college sports. However, there is an exception for the NCAA basketball finals (March Madness). The list also includes competitions that have ceased to exist and tournaments that are less attractive to players, including the Armenian football championship.

The regulator has also decided to legalize several bets that were previously prohibited. For example, licensed French bookmakers will now be able to offer bets on tennis handicaps, the number of points scored by a basketball player, and friendly matches involving the French men’s football and rugby teams.
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