Leonid Pertsovskiy speaks about Betby’s ambitious plans for 2024

Betby, the technology provider for sports betting operators, is expressing ambitious plans for 2024, building on the “successful experience” of 2023. The company intends to maintain growth in revenue, gross income and entry into new markets throughout the year.

Leonid Pertsovsky, CEO, emphasized that despite the importance of maintaining a positive growth trend, the company must also ensure its further growth through expanding its presence: “One of our goals is to expand into the regulated European markets and as such work is already under way to be awarded the licences or certifications required for a number of markets. It is quite a long process which is dependent on a number of aspects such as requirements set by national regulators.”

Pertsovsky also commented on the company’s expansion strategy in Latin America: “Our eyes are not only set on the European market. We also have very ambitious plans to expand globally. Latin America is another such prime example where we want to position ourselves as the go-to sportsbook supplier for the region.”

Betby will showcase its sports betting solutions and portfolio of AI-powered tools at ICE London next month. The company focuses on predicting customer churn and LTV, automating risk management, personalizing sports betting, and promptly generating business intelligence reports.

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