GambleAware Says Residential Gambling Harm Treatment ‘Key to Recovery’

A review by GambleAware has shed more light on the success of the residential rehabilitation programme for gambling harm victims. 

The initiative was first launched back in 2021 when GambleAware commissioned Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody – charities that facilitate addiction rehabilitation – to lead a service that is tailored for people with severe gambling issues and those suffering from substance misuse.

The programme sought to address a gap in the services available in Great Britain that conventional treatment providers offer, which could prove insufficient for clients with complex conditions. 

This has been done by giving individuals the chance to be in residential settings where they can receive detox, intensive treatment for gambling issues, as well as specialised mental health support, which has led to ‘positive short-term outcomes’ in large due to the residential settings providing an ‘intensive, but also safe and and supportive environment’. 

Encompassing the period between January 2022 and April 2023, the evaluation of the ‘Residential Rehabilitation Service’ was commissioned by GambleAware and undertaken by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, IFF Research, and Magenta.

It shows that patients have exhibited reduction in gambling behaviour and improvements to their mental health after their treatment, which has led to reduced feelings of isolation, improved social relationships and the adoption of positive habits such as healthy eating and regular exercise.  

Quantitative data suggests that the levels of gambling harm (measured by the PGSI scale) and psychological well being (measured by the CORE-10 scale) per individual have also been impacted positively, even for those who did not complete their scheduled treatment. 

The report also underscored the importance of collaboration between the two organisations involved in the treatment, as the varied specialised knowledge of staff at both Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody fosters an environment that can achieve even stronger results. 

However, while the outcomes of the service remain promising, GambleAware noted that there is a need for a follow-up and further research with a larger group of participants to better understand the longevity of the short-term improvements. 

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