IMG ARENA: Revolutionising Betting with Next-Gen Interactive Streaming Features

Having developed no less than five ‘ground-breaking’ streaming enhancements, IMG ARENA believes it is set to redefine the user experience for bettors and unite fragmented betting journeys to drive added value for sportsbooks…

Over the past few years, technological advancements have revolutionised the accessibility and convenience of engaging in sports betting. In particular, the rapid progress in computing power and mobile devices.

According to a Uplatform survey, mobile devices were responsible for approximately 70% of online betting revenue in 2020, and this surge in smartphone usage continues to boost the global sports betting market.

This popularity is being driven by the introduction of new innovations including live-streaming capabilities, live betting options, and the development of mobile betting apps. However, according to IMG ARENA, the current experience of combining live streaming and betting is fragmented for customers.

The company believes that customers are often required to leave the live stream to complete their betting process on operators’ websites and apps. This means there is an opportunity for the industry to provide a more seamless experience that enables users to easily place bets without interrupting their live stream viewing.

IMG ARENA has developed five new ground-breaking streaming enhancements, set to redefine the user experience for bettors and unite fragmented betting journeys to drive added value for sportsbooks. With a commitment to innovation, connectivity, and user empowerment, these features, it said, are poised to “revolutionise the way bettors engage with 49,000+ live events per year”.

By changing the way users interact with live streaming, IMG ARENA claims it is offering a destination where customers can seamlessly switch between events, place bets, and see statistics — without leaving the player – giving users greater control and enabling them to choose how and when they engage with additional features. These advanced features include:

In-stream betting:

Betting customers will now have the opportunity to place bets without leaving the live stream, through IMG ARENA’s technology. Research has found that in-stream betting was the most craved feature by betting operators and bettors alike, with over 40% of those surveyed by the company citing this feature as the most needed. As the industry trends towards micro-betting opportunities, the ability to engage with short form markets without leaving the stream has the potential to be a game-changing development.

Live stats overlays:

It’s widely accepted that informed bettors are engaged bettors, and giving contextual information at the correct time can help operators supercharge revenues from live streaming. With that in mind, IMG ARENA is utilising real-time data to display contextual statistics during the game, providing bettors with valuable insights for making informed betting decisions. Once these stats begin to work in unison with the odds overlays it will create a far more holistic betting experience. 


Highlights help to round the betting experience for clients, increasing brand loyalty with operators, making their platforms a destination for sports fans to go to get the most enjoyable sporting experience. IMG ARENA’s new Highlights feature allows bettors to relive key moments from the game, offering insights that inform bet placement decisions and validate selections by showing the moment a bet was won. 


Being able to quickly ascertain momentum and understand how current bets have performed again creates a better experience for users that can help raise the likelihood of bettors committing further bets to the event. The Timeline provides a chronological overview of key moments from the game, assisting users in tracking the match’s progression and identifying optimal betting opportunities.

Multi-Sport Hub:

The Hub enables bettors to easily switch between sports events without leaving the live stream, offering the ultimate joined up experience. Switching between sports and leagues raises the possibility of bettors engaging with multiple events, raising revenues per bettor again for our operator clients.

IMG ARENA’s Streaming Product Director, Manjit Bhatti, commented: “Our goal is to offer betting customers a seamless experience by unifying fragmented journeys and giving them full control. They have the autonomy to decide when and how they engage with additional features, all accessible with a simple tap on the screen.

“Our products will ultimately help us better understand betting customers’ actions and the motivations behind them. This will enable us to continuously innovate and develop impactful features and functionalities that benefit both betting customers and operators.”

Rolling out throughout 2024, the firm advised that these innovations will be available across multiple sports and properties, “setting a new standard for live streaming in the industry”. It added: “For operators, they represent a significant opportunity for revenue growth and increased dwell times from users. 

“Enhanced live streams are proven to help deepen customer engagement, keep users on streams for longer and can ultimately lead to an increase in bet placements. Moreover, the provision of high-quality streams and interactive features not only attracts new customers but also fosters long-term loyalty.” 

IMG ARENA noted that its commitment to innovation “ensures an immersive and rewarding betting experience”. It concluded: “The American Gaming Association reinforces the value of streaming to betting customers, stating that 75% of US sports fans are more likely to watch a game if they have placed a bet on it. 

“By prioritising user experience, interactivity, and convenience, IMG ARENA is meeting the needs of the modern customer. These features are poised to elevate the betting experience to new heights, ensuring greater value from live streaming for our operators and customers alike.”

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