DATA.BET: Strengthening Its Position as a Premium Provider in 2024

Alex Kozachenko, Chief Product Officer at DATA.BET, shared the company’s growth plans, upcoming launches, key goals for the current year, and also discussed the main challenges expected in the industry in 2024.

Last year, DATA.BET successfully improved the personalization of eSports betting by launching an innovative feature called “Player Props”. This innovation has fundamentally changed the esports landscape, allowing operators to offer unique markets tailored to users’ individual preferences and interests. Player Props represents specialized markets based on specific aspects of a player’s gaming experience. This diversity is made possible by leveraging official data from partners Bayes Esports and GRID, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of each market offering and increasing trust in operator platforms.

We’ve got some exciting new products coming up this year. In the near future, we will introduce innovative scoreboard widgets that will display results and statistics of various eSports events in real time. These widgets will be a dynamic and exciting way to engage players by providing them with relevant information during matches.

In addition, in collaboration with our partner Bayes Esports, we are ready to introduce a video streaming feature. This feature solves the problems of existing content delivery platforms by providing official video streams directly from tournament organizers, instead of standard platforms such as Twitch. Thanks to this, operators will be able to offer players faster and more reliable viewing of matches without delays.

These innovations set a new standard for excellence in eSports betting and create an ideal environment for operators looking to increase eSports betting profitability, retain and attract new users, and strive to become a leader in the field.

Looking ahead, the company plans to sign new partnership agreements in the coming months. A partnership announcement is expected with one of the largest sports betting software providers in the market. Stay tuned for updates on this matter as the company continues to strengthen its alliances and expand its capabilities in esports betting.

DATA.BET’s main goal for 2024 is to strengthen its position as a provider of premium eSports betting solutions and demonstrate the profitable opportunities of this business. The company also plans to develop existing products, add new features and provide the best solutions on the market. In particular, the company will focus on expanding its presence in dynamic markets, especially Latin America and Asia, where they see significant growth opportunities due to the booming iGaming business and the popularity of esports in these regions.

It is worth noting that at ICE London 2024, DATA.BET successfully demonstrated the importance of reliable real-time data for eSports betting. The Esports Arena hosted events simulating a Formula 1 tournament, where an experienced team of traders created real-time betting lines, highlighting the importance of licensed content in creating efficient and trusted data feeds.

At the Esports Betting Conference (EBC), microbetting and the importance of using official data were key topics. The importance of licensed content in improving the user experience and minimizing betting delays was discussed. The issue has also been raised that some companies use open source data to save money, which may put the integrity and reliability of betting lines at risk.

In 2024, the esports industry may face a number of key challenges. One of the main ones will be the regulatory framework, since the growth of this industry requires better regulation and protection of the interests of participants. Transparency and honesty will become important aspects due to the risk of match fixing and fraud. Additionally, the industry will face integrity challenges as maintaining ethics and fair play will be necessary to build trust among participants and viewers. Standardized data reporting will also be a priority to ensure that information is accurate and reliable for investors and partners.

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