Better Change launches new Gamblewise feature

Better Change, a gaming operator in Gibraltar announced that they are launching a new Gamblewise feature. This innovation will enable land-based casino players to protect their activity, the level of protection will be the same as that of online players. 

The Gamblewise software will allow players to control their activity in the game, for example, how much time the player is willing to spend per session. As soon as the time limit is reached, the program will notify the player via phone or other device to help remember the pre-planned time period.

If a player does not want to receive a notification through a personal device, it is possible to instruct the establishment staff. In such cases, the player will have the opportunity for more personal interaction.

The software is not designed to prohibit the activity of the customer, on the contrary, it will help to have full control over the session and not exceed the comfortable level.

Gamblewise does not require additional payment for customer use. The software is funded by its installation and maintenance by each establishment where it will run. For a modest £10, responsible companies can get Better’s innovative tool to help them protect their customers and revolutionize the gambling industry.

Better Change’s portfolio is full of the latest in gambling technology. Their team has already achieved a spot on the UKGC RET list and their ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation, and now they have noticed that the land-based players are not as protected as online players, and one of the goals is to increase the level of protection for the land-based players.

Victoria Reed, Better Change Founder, commented “ We are extremely proud to be launching our Gamblewise product as it is not only a product which fits into the Better Change portfolio seamlessly, but as an organisation entirely committed to reducing gambling related harm and protecting players, we felt there was a significant gap in the level of player protection offered to retail and land based players compared to those playing online. We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients an innovative, commercially sympathetic, and effective way to support their existing safer gambling strategies.”

Andrew Tottenham, Gamblewise Founder added, “We are delighted to be partnering with Better Change, an organisation known for its innovation and dynamism. We look forward to working together with Better Change to distribute safer gambling tools throughout the UK industry and overseas, for the benefit of players and operators.”
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